• Travel
    Where is the festival located?

    Kala takes place in Dhërmi, a coastal village on the Albanian Riviera located between the cities of Sarandë and Vlorë. It is the most beautiful spot on the entire coastline and a true hidden gem.

  • What is the best route to get to Kala?

    We recommend coming in via Corfu, which offers lower flight prices and an easier, more picturesque journey to Dhërmi. We organise boat transfers from Corfu port to Himarë for passport control, then the final leg of the trip is by bus. The bus, which is included in the price, will drop you off at a location near your accommodation in Dhërmi.

    Alternatively, you can fly to Tirana but you would have to arrange your own transportation to Kala. Taxis from Tirana cost around 70€-100€ per journey.

  • How do I get from the airport to Corfu Port?

    The best option is to take a taxi from the airport to Corfu Port (Kerkira). It takes about 15 min.

  • Where can I find out transfer times?

    You can check the transfer schedule on the button below:

  • Why are there no flights showing when I search from my chosen airport?

    This could be due to either of the following reasons:

    • There are no flights to Corfu available.
    • There are no flights available that will be in line with the boat transfer times.

    You can always check a site such as Skyscanner to confirm whether the flights are available and if you feel that there is an error, please let us know. Otherwise, you may need to select another airport from the choices.

  • When will you take my flight information if I have booked my own flights?

    We will let you know when we need these and details, as well as how they need to be inputted.

  • Do you have to stay for the full week?

    You can come for the full week Wednesday-Wednesday, from Friday-Monday or anytime in between! We have three arrival days (Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th, Friday 12th June) and three departure days (Monday 15th, Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th).

  • I need to leave on Saturday or Sunday but I see that I cannot book transfers over the weekend with you, how can I get back to Corfu airport?

    You will need to make your own arrangements to get home if you need to leave over the weekend. You can check the public ferry timetable here: https://ionianseaways.com/timetable/

    Please note, you will need to go to Saranda and then on to Corfu. This will require arranging a taxi from Dhermi to Saranda costing approx. 70€-100€. Once in Saranda, you can take the ferry to Corfu port.

  • Can I explore Albania myself before or after the festival?

    Absolutely, we strongly recommend going out and exploring the country. To do this you will need to book a package without flights (ticket & accommodation only). This way you can book your own travel arrangements to Dhermi and explore where you would like.

    Please note that there is no car hire available in Dhermi, but you can get a taxi to Saranda after the festival to hire a car and explore further.

  • Tickets
    Can I buy tickets without accommodation?

    All Kala tickets are sold with accommodation. This is to avoid over inflated rates during the festival week and to ensure sustainable prices for Kala for this year and beyond.

    We aim to provide the best festival experience and being able to manage the accommodation for our guests enables us to deliver a smoother festival. We charge hotels and apartments the same commission as Airbnb so this only makes your price better.

  • Can I buy tickets if I am local?

    Local tickets will be available via our booking site in the new year. Please check back in January for details. You can email us on hello@kala.al to join the waiting list for local tickets and we will notify you when these go on sale.

  • Festival Information
    How many people are expected to attend Kala 2020?

    There are only 3000 tickets available this year.

  • What is the easiest way to get to Kala from my accommodation during the festival?

    Many hotels are within walking distance of Kala, there will also be a regular shuttle bus running to and from the festival for any guests staying in Drymades or Dhërmi town. Tickets for the shuttle bus are available via the ticket page or manage booking.

  • What kind of amenities are available in Dhërmi?

    Dhërmi is a small coastal village, there are medical services, bars, restaurants and several small shops. There is only one ATM in Dhermi and another in Drymades. You will need cash for restaurants and local shops but the festival area (bars, festival market) are contactless and you can use your RFID wristband to play there.

  • What are the food/drink costs like at Kala?

    Restaurants are cheap and a meal will cost between £5 - 15. It's hard to say if places will increase prices during Kala as this happens at a lot of festivals in Croatia from experience but customers will still be able to get cheap meals for sure! Supermarkets are limited but do sell alcohol. Drink prices will vary from bar to bar ranging from 4-8 euros depending on the selected drink.

  • Besides the music, what else is available?

    The festival program is designed to allow for days to party, relax and explore the incredible surroundings. Besides the music events, we also offer a roster of fun-filled activities and wellbeing content, from yoga and beach massages to kayaking, snorkelling, paragliding and day excursions to explore the natural wonders of the Albanian Riviera. Here are some of the places we recommend visiting:

  • • Gjipe: a secluded beach forest that is only accessible by boat and hosts cherry-picked resident DJs on rotation. This is not only one of the most incredible party locations you will ever dance at, but the perfect place to spend the day too. You can relax by the beach, dance at the forest or stroll along the canyon until you reach the enigmatic waterfall.
  • • Grama Bay: A stunning bay only accessible by boat. Due to the lack of facilities, this exotic beach is likely to be deserted on your arrival, and your very own for the day. We organise boat trips with optional BBQ.
  • Music
    Where can I find the line up?

    The line up is coming soon!

  • When are the main acts/ headliners performing?

    The festival takes place between Wednesday 10th and the early hours of Tuesday 16th June. The main acts perform between Thursday and Monday. There will be smaller venues open on the rest of the days days with opening and closing parties taking place.

  • What are the running times of stages?

    Running times vary during the week. Some stages like Gjipe and the Secret Beach are open only during the day, while others will host sunset sets and some will run through the night till sunrise. The full schedule will be released closer to the event. Main headliners play 5h sets so you will have time to check a few acts every day.

  • Wellness
    What are the wellness activities available at Kala?

    Our wellness program includes Yoga, Soundscape Meditation, Gong Baths and beach massages. Perfect to soothe those aching limbs after a little too much dancing!

  • Are these included with the festival wristband?

    Yes, except beach massages, all wellness activities are free of charge for all Kala customers. There is an optional donation of 5€ that goes to a local charity. Places are limited, make sure to reserve your spot via this website once this is announced.